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Digital Inclusion Program Update: Over 200 people trained, 137 computers installed

March 8, 2012

The People’s Emergency Center Digital Inclusion Program (PECDI) brings low-cost computers, broadband access, and computer training to affordable housing units throughout the SCI-West community.

So far 55 teens, 53 fifth and sixth graders, and 93 community members have graduated from their respective computer and technology courses, and another 50 people will complete courses by the end of April. In addition, 137 computers (combination of refurbished computers and netbooks) have been distributed to the community through the program.

Nineteen out of twenty Keyspot sites have been opened and are serving neighborhoods and community members all over Philadelphia. The Keyspots offer programs, trainings and open lab hours for youth, adults and seniors. PEC was also able to set up a WiFi hotspot at each of the 20 PEC Keyspots, connecting even more residents to the Internet. Since January 2011, 16,180 community members have used a Keyspot and 24,355 training hours have been delivered.