About SCI West

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) is dedicated to helping community residents transform distressed neighborhoods into healthy and sustainable communities of choice and opportunity — good places to work, do business and raise children. LISC mobilizes corporate, government and philanthropic support to provide local community development organizations.

LISC recently introduced a new perspective on enhancing communities: the Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI). The Philadelphia LISC Sustainable Communities Program focuses on creating whole communities: safe places where attractive and valued real estate merge with employable, educated, healthy residents who generate enough income to care for themselves and their families. The strategy consists of a five-pronged approach that is guided by the needs and conditions of the targeted neighborhoods. The strategy’s five key elements are:

  • Expanding capital investment in housing and other real estate
  • Increasing family income and wealth
  • Stimulating local economic activity and connections to regional  economies
  • Improving access to quality education
  • Supporting healthy environments and lifestyles

LISC recently chose West Philadelphia as one of its national Sustainable Community sites. Working together, Philadelphia LISC and the program partners (University City District, People’s Emergency Center, West Philadelphia Partnership CDC, and the Enterprise Center) are implementing a coordinated and comprehensive strategy designed to address multiple neighborhood problems, generate resources, and create maximum impact.

2 Responses to “About SCI West”

  1. carla Fleming Says:

    Mt name is Carla Fleming and I work for the Philadelphia Housing
    Authority. I would like to meet with someone to discuss partnership.
    A partnership to bring WestPark housing residents together on
    Nurtition and Health.
    Please call 3 215-747-1570 or email carla.fleming@pha.phila.gov

    Thank you

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