Block Captains Forum looks forward to continued engagement and skill building initiatives

Get Connected! Computer Training for Block Captains is underway for Fall 2012

What’s in store for block captains in West Philadelphia? After the August 4th Block Captains Forum, which brought together over 100 block captains, The Partnership CDC and SCI West are looking to continue engaging block captains and strengthening their ability to lead positive neighborhood change.

Evaluations from the Forum confirmed our hope: block captains found the workshops useful, relevant, and accessible. In fact, 100% of the 68 who filled out evaluation forms said they would recommend the Forum to a friend. Many called for a follow-up event, pointing out the need for more networking and learning opportunities. Overall, participants rated the forum a 3.6 out of 4 – somewhere between satisfied and very satisfied.



The first opportunity we’ll be offering as part of the Block Captains Institute is a basic computer workshop that will help every block captain get connected to the Internet. Participants of the Get Connected! Computer Training Program for Block Captains will sign up for a Gmail account, register with the West Philadelphia Block Captains Forum email bulletin board, create and learn how to use a Facebook profile, and explore and other useful resources on the web. This fall, twelve training sessions will be offered on weekday evenings and weekend days from October to December. The goal is to improve the skills of some 200 block captains before the New Year. This program is up and running, so you should contact The Partnership CDC to enroll and get connected! (See below)

Looking forward into 2013, we are considering offering in depth, project-based seminars on vacant land management. All block captains in West Philly will have the chance to participate in an extended workshop on the topic. In addition, a smaller handful of block captains will actually work closely with NAC, The Partnership CDC, SCI-West and our partners to implement vacant land reclamation projects on their block.

Another idea, looking into Summer 2013, is to offer training for block captains and youth “junior block captains” from their blocks. The Junior Block Captains program would nurture leadership among young people to organize their communities for revitalization. We would be looking to block captains to identify and recruit appropriate youth leaders in their neighborhood to join the program.

These last two ideas are still in development, though we are definitely excited for what’s in store for 2013. Be sure to look for next year’s Block Captains Forum, too, where we will celebrate our progress and set a course for the future.

> For more information, contact The Partnership CDC at 215-662-1612 or stop by 4020 Market Street.

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