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Delilah Winder Joins TEC!

June 13, 2012

What would you get if you mixed business savvy with amazing talent, then sprinkled in a passion for food and whipped in a heart for the community? I’ll tell you what, Delilah Winder!

TEC has brought Delilah on board as the Director for the Center for Culinary Enterprises. How incredible is that? We had a chance to sit with Delilah and hear her take on why the Center For Culinary Enterprises is such an important resource for food entrepreneurs.

For Delilah Winder, cooking is more than a passion. The seed was planted in her when she was a child in the Germantown section of Philadelphia where she watched her grandmother cook elaborate family meals from scratch. From that seed bloomed a nationally renowned culinary queen, successful businesswoman, cookbook author and restaurateur; who now stands ready to help those who aspire to her level of success.

SCI-West: Why is a center like this so important for those in the food business?

DW: It’s critical that food entrepreneurs see beyond the fact that they love to cook! Most of us, myself included – are focused on the “culinary” and not necessarily the “enterprise”. That is why so many food entrepreneurs fail. This center will serve as the bridge and expose those with a passion for food to the real business aspects of what it takes to be successful.

SCI-West: Tell me a little about your role and how you will be able to help.

DW: Well let’s see. First and foremost we have the kitchen incubator that can be renter by the hour. That alone will be a great resource for food entrepreneurs who struggle to fin ways to prepare food and be legally compliant. But also we will work to match single or multiple entrepreneurs to companies who want to purchase from them. The business development aspect will be key to helping them grow. I know what it takes to sell to institutions, retailers and companies and I am ready to show others the ropes. I know the food business.

SCI-West: The local food movement is huge. How do you see that tying into the CCE?

DW: Farm to table is huge for me! I understand and have seen what high blood pressure and obesity has done to our community. Learning to buy and prepare local foods that are in season is important to our food entrepreneurs, but it will also benefit the community at large.  This piece is very important and will be a big part of what we push at the CCE.