New lighting marks beginning of 46th and Market Street Transit Hub Collaboration

An Update on the SCI-West Clean & Safe Project

Philadelphia LISC, the national LISC Community Safety Initiative, and the SCI-West partner organizations are working on a project led by UCD that aims to reduce crime through the creation of partnerships between West Philadelphia CDCs and police districts.

In February, UCD completed the installation of the pedestrian-level street lights near one of West Philadelphia’s major transit hubs: 46th and Market Streets, part of SCI West’s comprehensive Community Safety Initiative.

After participating in a LISC Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) training, SCI West partners worked to develop strategies to mitigate crime and opportunities for crime around the target area’s two major transit hubs at 40th and 46th and Market. Following this training, UCD completed a lighting study and hired a consultant to craft a plan for an improved lighting strategy for the 46th and Market area. Moving forward with implementing this lighting plan, UCD will also begin installation of residential porch lights near the hub this week.

SCI West aims to expand these small but significant improvements into a broader 46th and Market Transit Hub Collaboration that would work for further improvements (from landscaping and signage to more intense improvements like real estate development and retail attraction).

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