Carrot Mob at West Phillie Produce

Fun at the Carrot Mob (Courtesy of Andy Toy)

Philadelphia is a city of food deserts—but local non-profits, the city and others are trying to change that.

National Food Day was October 24th, but festivities occurred throughout the last two weeks of October in Philadelphia.

There have been several recent events to push for local, healthy food in by creating incentives for corner stores, opening more farmers markets, and finding other innovative ways to make local and healthy food more accessible and affordable to all residents of Philadelphia.

The Carrot Mob in West Philadelphia was one of them.

Fresh produce display (Courtesy of Andy Toy)

The Carrot Mob, planned by The Enterprise Center and other area organizations, raised awareness about increasing healthy food access through a “buycott” at West Phillie Produce—a corner store at 16 South 62nd Street.  While a boycott discourages people to buy from a store, a buycott encourages people to buy from stores in the area identified to have sustainable food practices and that offer healthy, local products.

Arnett Woodall opened West Phillie Produce almost 2 years ago and is struggling to make ends meet at the store. The Carrot Mob is a welcomed event in his opinion, and proceeds from the Carrot Mob event will help to expand West Phillie Produce’s healthy food offerings (such as vegetables and fruits) as well as assist in the purchase of a commercial juicer. About 100 residents attended the buycott.

The Enterprise Center Philadelphia coordinated the Carrot Mob, along with The Merchants Fund, The Food Trust, and several other partners.

For more on carrot mobs, click here.

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