POWER’s West/South Meeting Kicks Off Jobs Campaign


Continuing the momentum from the POWER Convention on September 25, the West/South regional cluster meeting in West Philadelphia was held on Tuesday, October 11th at Calvary United Methodist Church. About 80 residents came out for the meeting along with POWER’s executive director Bishop Dwayne Royster and the region’s coordinator, Wes Lathrop.

While the September meeting was a “wedding” celebration according to Royster, the regional meetings get down to business about how to move the POWER’s plan forward to link Philadelphians to jobs. Tuesday evening’s meeting was a mix of reflection, group activities, and planning for the future. Over the next several months, the four POWER regions will hold monthly meetings to inform residents about what the organization is doing and to share training techniques for residents to engage their neighbors.

At this meeting, residents were asked to reach out to 50 people over the next several months by sharing their employment stories. In doing so, they will attempt to open the dialogue about employment issues in Philadelphia, where the unemployment rate is reaching 11%.

POWER is a faith-based non-profit composed of  about 40 congregations across the Philadelphia area with five core issues—jobs, educational opportunities, health care, public safety, and housing. Currently, the main focus of POWER’s efforts is job creation—they would like to connect Philadelphians to 10,000 jobs within the next 5 years.

The next meeting of the POWER West/South region will be on November 14th from 6:30-8:30pm at Calvery St. Augustine Episcopal Church (814 North 41st Street).

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