Grand Opening of Jannie’s Place Showcases Green Housing!

On September 20, a large group of community members, leaders, and others gathered at a new apartment building just east of 40th Street and Lancaster Avenue for the grand opening of Jannies’s Place, dedicated to Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell. Jannie’s Place includes 29 affordable housing units for families moving out of transitional housing.

Spearheaded by Kira Strong at People’s Emergency Center (PEC), the concept of Jannie’s Place began in 2006. Because of the complexity of the site, funding sources, and other aspects of the project, Jannie’s Place has been five years in the making. But it has been well worth the wait.  Deborah McColloch from the Office of Housing and Community Development said that “this project is not only helping independent housing here, but the community as a whole.” 

PEC is at the forefront of providing sustainable housing for the homeless. Chairman of the PEC’s Board David Fryman stated that “PEC is consistently helping to drive change in an environmentally friendly way.” Jannie’s Place is equipped with a 5,000 square foot green roof, porous pavement parking lot, and ceiling fans in bedrooms and living rooms. Benefits of the green roof include lower annual energy consumption by 5 to 7% and increased rainfall retention by 50%, exempting the building from storm water management fees. Also, the life of the roof will be extended significantly due to the reduction of UV breakdown of exposed materials.

Speaking about Blackwell’s commitment to the community, Representative Chaka Fattah said “on the question of housing, there is no one who has cared more about getting a roof over people’s heads than Jannie Blackwell.”

For more information on Jannie’s Place and other housing projects by PEC, visit there website here (


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